Founded in 2008, the Convergences – Journal of Research and Arts Education is an Open Access Journal focused on publishing scientific papers on design, music and visual arts topics, assessed through a double-blind peer review system.

Our Call for papers is permanently open, so, you can submit at any time.

The Convergences Journal publishes free of charge, in open access, original manuscripts evaluated by peers. We aim papers presenting experiences and results of research and practice in design, music and visual arts, or intersecting topics.

We call for:

Original papers;

Case Reports;

Review Papers,

reporting new research, issues, principles, procedures or techniques relevant to the areas and activities of design, music and other visual arts in all its domains of application, as well as its history, its teaching and learning.

We aim to disseminate new theoretical perspectives, new practices, processes, methods and techniques that result from project-grounded research, theory and teaching experience or from other relations between existing data, with applicable results in the areas of design, visual arts and musicology/music.

We welcome papers written in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

Convergences Journal is published in May and November of each year. 

We use the end of March submissions as the reference for the May issue and September submissions as the reference for the November issue, however this is not mandatory. In 2021, Convergences Journal limited to publishing a maximum of 12 articles per issue, totaling 24 articles per year.

Convergences journal is well regarded by evaluation systems and indexing, uses DOI and other Crossref resources, which allows articles to be uploaded to the author's profile in ORCID.



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